Have you hit a wall?

Sales stopped or slowed down?

Hit a wall?

Then you have to change.

Listen, I completely understand that change is scary. Believe me I totally get it. NO ONE has changed their company more than I have. Over the years, we have changed our company name three times (not that I’m counting), our fees, our niche, even our logo! Not to mention that I had to shut down an association a few years ago. Of course I started up a new one (ICLMNet.com) and am working on another one on top of that . Never say die!

Since I am a serial entrepreneur and don’t believe in failure, folding was not an option. So instead, Ron and I refocused and started over. It was hard and scary but in the end it was the right thing to do. I’ve always believed that if failure causes me to move in the right direction, then have I really failed? No.

We’ve adapted, learned and moved on.

Did it hurt when the association folded? YES!

Did it hurt when our first company had to close? Absolutely!

Was breast cancer horrible? YES! (I am a 5-year cancer survivor).

I dusted myself off, got up and tried again. I didn’t let my mind stay in failure or in sickness. I can’t control what happens to me but I can darn well control my thoughts about it! If it doesn’t kill me it makes me stronger so bring it on!



So take a deep breath and follow your instincts. What is your heart telling you to do? Where is it telling you to go? Go there. Trust that feeling!

I believe in you!!!

With joy and peace,