If you want to be successful, change your email philosophy

“Thanks for answering me back!”

Sadly, I actually get this reply back a LOT as I am very quick to answer my emails. I am also lightening fast at answering texts. Even if I can’t answer right away (I might be in a meeting), I reply with a quick “I got it and will get back to you by __) as soon as I can. I send them something so they know I saw their message. They feel valued. Voice mails? I try and answer within one business day or sooner if I can.

Why do I do this? First, it’s good customer service. Second, it makes me money as I have actually gotten speaking and consulting gigs because I respond so fast!

Unfortunately, I seem to be abnormal in today’s world as most people don’t practice this.

I’ve had to email dozens of people this week for various reasons and most have not emailed me back … which drives me absolutely nuts! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve emailed someone and all I get back is the black hole of silence. So I’ll say it one more time for those of you who are new to my blog …

PLEASE email people back! Just a quick note will do. A quick “Thanks I got it. I’ll get right back to you.” would suffice if you are really too busy to answer. Then make sure you actually get back to them.
Or perhaps an old-fashioned thank you if someone helps you out with something. This one little thing will raise your customer service level way above everyone else! Why? Mostly because no one does it anymore.

Sad but true.

When I don’t hear from someone, I often will have to send out a second email, and if that doesn’t work, a third! I had that happen to me a few weeks back, but instead of sending the third email I simply picked up the phone and called them … which is another thing people don’t do anymore. No one calls!

Another time a client emailed me and asked if I could set up a telephone consultation with them. They went on and on about how urgent it was and how it couldn’t wait. Then when I replied back to them lightening fast guess what happened? They took 3 days to answer me back. By then they were so desperate they wanted to chat with me the following morning. So again, I replied back fast, and again didn’t hear from them for 2 days. We finally did connect, but the whole thing left a big impression on me, and it wasn’t a good one.

Will I refer them out to people? No.

If they treated me this way, how were they treating their clients? What sort of impression do you think they’re leaving?

See my point?

So here is my message this week … please answer your emails as fast as possible. DON’T IGNORE THEM! This includes clients, friends, family … everyone. Answer everyone in a timely manner and I promise that not only will people notice, but you will more than likely gain clients like I have.

Want to know the REAL key to my success? It’s this ..

I answer people back.

Until next time…