From the woman who set the standards for the Concierge Industry comes a refreshingly new take on customer service that is all about the “nice” factor. If you value excellence, recognize quality and understand your clientele, delivering customer service the Concierge way will take you above and beyond your competition.”

Jackie Farley / Professor of Women’s Studies, University of Oklahoma, and CEO, Wise Women Incorporated

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course. It was informative, extremely valuable and practical for my career. I also think everyone in the customer service industry should read your books. They are very helpful!”

Cody Smith / Concierge

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Katharine. I spent 20 years as an executive assistant in the legal and medical communities and finally decided that if I applied my educational and practical experience to building my own business I would be very successful. Well, fast forward almost two years and I am extremely happy to state that with Katharine’s incredible resources and a lot of tenacity, I have been able to achieve my dreams of business success. Your books, seminars and motivation are the main components necessary to succeed in our industry. Initially, I purchased another “concierge how to” book and was, fortunately, given your guide as a gift and I must admit it was one of the best gifts I have received.

I will never be able to thank you enough for assisting me in achieving my dreams. With your leadership and resources, I know that my company will continue to thrive.

Anyone who is thinking of starting/expanding a concierge/virtual assisting business must take the time to study your methods. You have the proven skill set to put anyone considering joining this industry on the path to success.

Katharine proves that our services are not only needed but absolutely necessary and welcome. Thank you Katharine!!! You are an undeniable asset to our industry. Keep up the great work. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your leadership

Jacqueline Butler / ExecuStaff Concierge Services, LLC

Katharine teaches you how to really LISTEN and get what you deserve out of life. This book is groundbreaking – grab it now!

Debbie Allen / author of Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters

Katharine Giovanni is a radio favorite among listeners. Her upbeat yet personal delivery will enable all to find the voice within. Katharine is ear candy for listeners that have been broken in spirit … her progressive ideas will illuminate all to get in tune with their intuition.

Shades of Gray / XM Satellite Radio

I wanted to write a testimonial about the Concierge Class that I took. First I purchased “The Concierge Manual” and read it twice, loved all the information and knowledge that you shared through all your experience.

Then I decided to take the course. I really enjoyed the class’ sessions, it was easy to listen to and follow. I also love that all the sessions are there for my reference for 90 days. You give great advice and made me realize that I can do this! I’m in the process of forming my concierge business and I can’t wait to launch it soon! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, courage and wisdom!”

Galina Nemtsov / Wohl, Pennsylvania

When you envision a plan to make a difference in the lives of people daily, you want to be at the feet of great wisdom, honesty and integrity.

Katharine has been an excellent teacher, mentor and encourager to me in my business start-up several years ago, as well as recently as I was “polished” by finally taking her class. Katharine sets the standards we in the same industry should follow. She becomes kindred spirits with her students, being “candidly real” and passing on life lessons to assist in the measure of success. I have worked with her personally one on one to seek out direction.

Sharing information to help others become a star in their own right… PRICELESS!”

Earlena Morris / TIME AVE, Bakersfield, CA