Keynotes and conference breakout sessions



After meeting with you and gaining a full understanding of the goals for your event, Katharine will tailor a presentation just for you.

How to transform your customer’s experience to boost your bottom line

Can be 1/2-day program, breakout or keynote

Using her unique approach, Katharine shows you how to exhibit the kind of customer service that goes above and beyond your competition. With over 20 years of expertise, she has the experience and knowledge to help take your company to an entirely new level.

This program will show your staff how to be consistent and professional when handling customers/guests/residents. Katharine will talk about how to deliver memorable and positive service experiences that go above and beyond your customer/guest/resident’s expectations. They might not remember what you said, but they will absolutely remember how you made them feel. By the end of the course your staff will not only understand 5-star service concepts, but they will be ready to implement them.

You Got This!

1/2-day program, breakout or keynote

Based on her book “Rainbows and Banana Peels”, Katharine will speak about keeping a positive attitude at work while your personal world is falling apart. If you are angry and/or sick you can be saying the most beautiful “customer service” words in the world and it won’t matter because your feelings will bleed through your body language and the tone of your voice whether you want them to or not.

A breast cancer survivor, Katharine talks about how essential perspective is to business and life. Since only 10% of your success comes from the outside, your perspective about a situation is critical to its success or failure. YOU decide how this plays out. Katharine will offer tools and tips on how to keep your focus strong so you can get to where you want to be.

Available nationwide by arrangement and as a last-minute guest.

To book me to speak at your next event or training session, please email or call us during normal business hours, and we will respond by the next business day.

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