Good, Bad or Ugly?

I was driving home from running an errand this morning, when I ran into traffic. Not just any traffic mind you, but bumper to bumper. So I did what any normal person would do, I turned off onto a side street to zigzag home. Imagine my surprise when I ran into more traffic! People and cars were everywhere.

Now you have a choice. A fork in your road, so to speak. You have a split second to choose which way your mind is going to go. So do you…

1. Immediately get irritated. Your temper rises to the top and you start to sigh out loud and possibly say a few interesting words under your breath. When you finally get home you are not entirely surprised when other things go wrong. Soon it becomes like a runaway train and the bad “stuff” hits you all day. You crawl into bed and pull the covers over your head hoping that tomorrow will be better.

2. Choose to look at the traffic with a different perspective.

Instead of getting angry, I decided to think happy thoughts. As a five-year cancer survivor, it’s quite easy for me to slip down the slippery slope into the abyss. Grateful to be alive, this morning I chose to see other people living life! People had jobs to go to, shopping to do and places to be. I chose to look at it through the eyes of a happy person seeing people living life.

Good, bad or ugly I am alive and loving every minute of it! I even get the privilege of having another birthday this month … how cool is that? Another year to spend with friends, family and people I have yet to meet. Fantastic! Old age? Bring it on.

Remember, your thoughts attract your reality. What you think you become. If you are angry and thinking your day is going to be tough … it will be tough. If you start your day off with a happy and positive perspective, that attitude will draw positive things to you.

So the next time you get stuck in traffic, try and look at it from a different perspective. Try and see the cars as simply people living life!

Until next time!