Concierge and Front Desk Training

Designed for front line staff who greet the customers/guests/residents first including receptionists, concierge, security guards, managers, phone banks to name a few. Katharine’s proprietary training program will move your staff to the next level by showing them how to act and think like a five star concierge, even if they’re not.

Training Objectives

My Concierge and Front Desk Training is designed to teach your staff consistency, and professionalism when handling clients, guests, and residents and how to deliver memorable and positive service experiences that go above and beyond your guest’s expectations.  They might not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. By the end of the course your staff will understand 5 star service concepts such as:

  • Speech and tone of voice — What to Say and How to Say it
  • Body Language and Nonverbal Communication (including your tone of voice). Your state of mind will bleed through your body language whether you want it to or not. So if you are angry inside, your clients will see it.
  • What to do (and not do) at your desk/station
  • How to Present a Positive Attitude – even when your personal life is falling apart.
  • Dealing with angry people and difficult situations
  • Mapping the guest/resident/customer experience
  • And so much more!

Every program is organically tailored for your company and industry, drawing from your current concierge/customer service policies, procedures, and problems to customize a training program that is focused on your needs. We’ll talk about what works, what doesn’t, and where you would like to go.

Popular Additions to the Concierge and Front Desk Training Program:

Mystery Shopping
We’ll check into your facility and find out how your front line staff are REALLY doing when you’re not around.

Maintenance program
I will create a weekly/monthly email refreshers to keep your staff on track into the future, which can include video, helpful articles, podcasts, or the delivery medium that is most effective based on the structure of your organization.

Concierge operational training
I will  train your concierge staff from the ground up, including the  logistics behind delivering seamless concierge services to your guests/clients/residents.

Training options include

I’m available for full and half day for Concierge and Front Desk Training and Consulting sessions, as well as for keynote presentations for customer service, or concierge departments and organizations across the U.S. and around the world.

On Location
It would be my pleasure to fly to your location and deliver the program LIVE at your office. The Concierge and FrontLine Training program is customized for your organization, and can be delivered as a group or one on one training. For larger organizations I will break up training to cover smaller groups at a time, over the course of multiple days to cause as little interruption of your day to day activities and operation.

As a keynote address
Need a shortened version? I’m available for conference break out sessions and keynotes.

Monthly Contracts
Do you have multiple locations that need training? It would be my pleasure to put together a monthly fee so that I can travel to all your locations.

Online training customized to suit your needs

We can also create on online class – customized and white labeled as necessary. This means that the course can be under your brand. Contact Katharine to have a custom training course created for your company or brand. To take the basic online course now, click below.

Purchase online training option


Outstanding five star service is the key to earning happy customers who sing your praises to the world, recommend you to friends and business associates, and come back  time and time again increasing your overall bottom line for years to come. It all starts with insuring that your front line staff and everyone who interacts with the public is operating at highest level of service possible.

To book me for your training session, please call me at (919) 263-4003 (ET) during normal business hours. I look forward to speaking with you.

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