Katharine was the epitome of professionalism with developing the course content to align with our culture of Love Promise and provided extremely relevant content to our class of Service Concierges. Her presentation style is timeless and she connected very well with 4 generations of service concierge’s.

We look forward to additional training sessions with Katharine.

Raymond Smit / Regional Process and Product Manager, Subaru of America – East Region

Community Management Inc., AAMC

I picked up Katharine’s book “Going Above and Beyond” and when I got about half-way through I realized that all our associates needed to hear what Katharine has to say first hand.I sent an email asking for details for a speaking engagement.

I was very impressed at the speed of the response and thankful that it was something we could work into our budget. We made the commitment to close our office, paying corporate and concierge staff for the day (and for replacement staff), to allow everyone to attend a one day seminar.

We announced to our clients that we were devoting a day to learn how to improve our customer service.We had made a pledge not only to expand our concierge department, but to really strive to “reach the pinnacle of customer service”. I had high hopes for the presentation and I was not disappointed.Katharine was engaging; she made everyone feel comfortable, but at the same time she challenged us not only to step out of the box, but dare to genuinely excel in the customer service experience.This was not only important for our corporate staff (community managers, staff accountants, community assistants., etc.) but it formed the base for us to re-build our concierge department.

There isn’t a day that goes past that I do not hear, “It is my pleasure” or that I am not saying this myself rather than responding with “thank you”.Katharine’s book is now “standard issue” and required reading.


If you’re looking to learn the basics of thinking like a concierge to deliver great customer service, this straightforward, no-nonsense easy-to-read book is for you!.

Tony Hsieh,CEO /

Travel Guard Assist

This book is an essential training guide for any company trying to take their customer service to the level expected by consumers in the current marketplace.

John M. Rose / Travel Guard Assist

Westward Property Management

We are a mid-size property management and real-estate investment company located in Chicago. We have grown exponentially over the past year and our staff was in need of some customer service training. We felt the best possible customer service experience would be from a concierge expert like Katharine and we were not disappointed!

We elected to have Katharine come and do a one-day workshop with our entire staff. Katharine not only provided us with real applicable advice on how to provide the best possible customer service experience, even in the most stressful situations, but also inspired our staff to really embrace what it means to be a concierge.

Our staff has since gone out of their way to be kind, polite, approachable and proactive when dealing with our customers. Katharine also inspired us as a company to continue the conversation through regularly scheduled all-staff meetings dedicated to customer service related topics.

We’ve also hired a full-time concierge dedicated to facilitating communication with customers to ensure we continue to provide the best possible experience with our company! We are thankful to Katharine for helping us improve our business and our customers’ experience with us!

Gwen Kaminskas / Westward Property Management