"Always leave people better than you find them"

That's one of the core messages she tells groups around the world when she trains staff on the front line. Katharine arrives with a fresh pair of eyes and 30 years of experience and shows you how to take your concierge & frontline staff from ordinary to extraordinary!

Katharine will teach your staff

To be fully present and focused
To concentrate on your customer's needs
To get the entire company on the same page to provide five-star service
To put systems and processes in place to keep service at the highest level

Why hire Katharine?

Experience - Katharine has been training concierge and front line staff since 1998
She has worked with top 10 tech companies (Sadly non-disclosure agreements prevent us from telling you who)
Our programs work! Just ask the thousands of clients we have from all over the world.
Katharine's enthusiasm is contagious and inspires people to do their very best!


Concierge Training

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience in the concierge industry, Katharine provides clear step-by-step information and will show your staff how to actually BE a five star concierge!
Please email us for a custom quote and availability.

International Speaker

Using her unique approach based on 20 years experience, Katharine shows you how to exhibit the kind of customer service that goes above and beyond your competition, and take your company to a new level.
1/2 and Full day programs available. Breakout or Keynote.

Online Classes

"Katharine’s Concierge Entrepreneur E-Course is an absolute must for anyone considering pursuing a career in lifestyle management."- J. Saddler, Saddler Executive Concierge
Frontline and Concierge Entreprenuer eCourses