Katharine helps front line staff and concierge teams all over the world go above and beyond and bring their “A” game to work. She has this amazing ability that inspires you and your team to perform at the highest level possible. Katharine delivers her training in an environment that encourages everyone attending to embrace a positive path.

She also offers coaching to help people find their dream in both their life and career.

A Message from Katharine…


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Award-winning best-selling author.

Katharine is also a thriving stage 3 breast cancer survivor and the author of the best selling Award-Winning inspirational book “Rainbows and Banana Peels as well her other popular books The Concierge Manual, and Going Above and Beyond.

“Wow! Thank you. Even though I had already finished reading your book The Concierge Manual on my iPad by the time I received your 2 email replies (I read it in one sitting late at night!), THE MOST POWERFUL thing I learned in this experience so far was how powerful (and rare) superior customer is, as evidenced by your 2 prompt, efficient and ‘it was my pleasure’ approach in your response to my email. That in itself crystallized the concept of over delivering customer service.” Louise, Australia