Corporate Trainer, Consultant and International Speaker

  • Is your service where you need it to be in today’s competitive market?
  • Are your employees prepared to offer service that goes above and beyond in every aspect of customer communication?
  • Is your front line communication with customers at the level it should be?’
  • Is communication immediate? Or does your staff put it off?

Outstanding five star service is the key to creating lasting customers that come back again and again and again. It all starts at the front line and goes out to every employee. Everyone who talks to customers should be communicating at the highest level of service possible. First impressions are often the tipping point for people who are trying to decide if they should use your service or not.

Using her unique approach, Katharine will show your staff how to exhibit the kind of customer service that goes above and beyond your competition. With over 20 years of expertise, She has the experience and knowledge to help take your company to an entirely new level.

A Message from Katharine…

World-renowned concierge industry expert, corporate customer service consultant, and award-winning best-selling author.

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Award-winning best-selling author.

Katharine is also a thriving stage 3 breast cancer survivor and the author of the best selling Award-Winning inspirational book “Rainbows and Banana Peels as well her other popular books The Concierge Manual, and Going Above and Beyond.